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Indian meal moth

Adult size - wingspan – 14 – 20 mm long.
Appearance – First third of forewings are cream in colour. The rest of the wings is copper with dark grey spots. The larva is yellowish-white in colour and sometimes in reddish or greenish colour.
Behavior – Strong flier, attracted to artificial light 
Lifecycle – Egg -> adult about 27 days.

Habitat – Often found on cereal grain, flour, groundnuts and dried fruits.

Casemaking cloth moth

Adult size – 9 - 13 mm
Appearance – Brownish-gray wings with three dark spots. These spots can be rubbed off on older moths. Larvae are yellowish in color.
Behavior – Weak flier, does not attract to light.
Habitat – Crack and crevices near closet, carpet, fur, furniture, silk
Life Cycle – 
Moth caterpillars – Can be found in the dark corners of wardrobes, cupboards and drawers.
Larvae – Silken tubes or cases – Hide inside wardrobes or back of the furniture.
Pupae – Usually found on fabrics or stored products.
Adult moths – Prefer to crawl rather than fly.

Sign of infestation

Larvae stage causes damage to clothes, fabrics, furs and stored products. They survive by eating the protein (keratin) found in natural materials such as wool, cotton and silk.

Fun Facts

  1. The fear of moths is called Mottephobia.

Approaches to deter them

  1. Insecticide residual spray
  2. Misting

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