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General Biology

  1. Cockroaches are nocturnal insects which active at night.
  2. Their body is flattened dorsal-ventrally. 
  3. They have two pairs of wings folded flat over the dorsal. 
  4. Most species rarely fly but they walk very fast. 
  5. Their color usually varies from light brown to black. 
  6. The species vary from 2– 3mm to over 80mm in length.
  7. Prefer to have their body touching on a surface when resting or foraging


American CockroachGerman CockroachBrown banded Cockroach
Adult Size35-40mm10-15mm10-14mm
AppearanceShiny reddish to chocolate brownLight yellowish-brownYellow & brown bands across the body
BehaviorIn the nymphal stage, they are wingless and not capable to fly. Adults have useful wings and can fly for short distances. If they start from a high place, such as a tree, they can glide for some distance. However, despite their ability to glide, they are not regular fliers. They can run very fast.The female usually carries the egg case before egg hatchedMini scavengers that will eat almost all organics matters, including bodily fluids and decaying matter.
HabitatSewer tanks, drainage areaThey prefer to live in warm and humid places which are close to food and moisture sources. They usually reside in a residential and commercial kitchen as well as places like bathrooms.They live inside buildings, feeding on food and household items. They don’t require as much moisture as other roaches, so they tend to live in drier places, such as bedrooms and living areas. They avoid water and prefer high locations like the upper cabinets in the kitchen or bathrooms.
InformationThe egg case measures 8–10mm in length and contains 16 eggs
  1. Smallest domestic cockroach in the world
  2. The egg case is light in colour which about 7-9mm in length and contains about 40 eggs
The egg case is 4-5mm in length and contains about 16 eggs.


  1. Undergo incomplete metamorphosis
  2. Egg -> Nymph -> Adult
  3. Newly emerged nymphs look similar to miniature adults, which is wingless, and have undeveloped sexual organs.
  4. Nymphs will undergo moulting several times before becoming adults.
  5. No. of moults and development period varies among species.
  6. Males reached maturity faster.

Approaches to control them

  1. Insecticide residual spraying
  2. Gel baiting

Fun facts about Cockroaches

  1. People who fear about cockroach – Katsaridaphobia
  2. Madagascar hissing cockroach can be kept as a pet.
  3. Omnivorous – cockroaches feed on any kind of food available
  4. Cockroaches can survive with depletion of food & water for at least 2 week

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